Lecture 4: 17-Feb-2016 

1. itsnicethat

2. design faves

3. design observer 

4. AOI – register

5. creative bloq

6. theme forest 
Examples of trendy designs:

1. Channel 4 design by: Michael Glaser, Michacu, Neville Brody 

2. Game design by graphic designers: Lumino city 
2016 Design Predictions: 

1. Usability – Responsive design (works on phones a lot more often now) apps are also more popular as data is consumed more than web browsers (free-standing apps more popular) 

2. Geometric shapes, hidden navigation, clever menus 

3. Modules design and modular text (web/interactive design – separate into blocks/grid layout rather than many pages and links, have easy fluent, scroll-biased navigation) 

4. Material design – i.e. Google ‘flat design’ – logo (also Starbucks, batman iconic logo) 

5. Story – try to pull videos, infographics is in trend, design should tell a story 

6. Modern Retro – spacial 

7. Rich colours – pantone (a way of specifying colours) (see pantone.com), pastels 

8. Animated gifs and videos (3d added with 2d, not overly CG) 

9. Interactive experiences, movement 

10. Emoji/moving logos 

11. Calligraphy – hand lettering 

12. Physical object, crafts, user experience, visual and verbal language – attention to details 

13. Painting and drawing on paper is in trend 

14. Design as part of a business/Marketing

15. Careers – designers work more for themselves freelance, multidisciplinary: strategy, video, design, design identities, digital/print, advertising and industrial design 

Summary: 2016 is for the CREATOR, not the DESIGNER; FLAT design; INTERACTIVE STORY TELLING 

16. Large scale (online and print) background imagery 
Today 17feb list:

1. talk to tutor about my chosen website client (family constructions limited company)

For next week:

1. three key influences to doing this project (15 slides (20 sec each) pechakucha): pick up a talk on contemporary disruptions/changes