Cicons Construction website

The Making of Cicons Construction Ltd

Client name: Cicons Construction Ltd
Logo: provided, one of my archived designs from two years ago; the logo was then done for the newly established small family run business. Adjustments were needed to the logo due to needing a ‘strong but simple website’.
Collaboration with: Director and manager of the company (Constantin Ciobanica)

The establishing of the client’s needs was straight forward, because the director being myself as well, it meant that I was familiar with the business activity, clients, representation, aspects of interest (publicising and attracting big and medium jobs) as well as the business image which I had attempted drafting out a few years back with a quick vector logo idea based on a keychain/round cable roller which is symbolic for accessibility, reliability and continuity.

Feedback was provided always verbally and everything therefore quick in response, however all of the information was easily accessible to me first hand.

Towards the central point of the project, we both collaborated tightly, myself from the paperwork and design aspect and Mr Ciobanica from the field knowledge, first impressions and practical side; we came up with contributions to keep the logo neutral with a monochrome look, therefore the logo remained ‘black & white’ and ‘grey and white for least contrasts needed’. The house style would from then onwards be kept in invoices and letterheads as constant for a certain stability in the company’s appearance to contractors, sustaining a professional job. However, we did agree verbally to the colour blue being much darker and dropped further in the back of the website’s template. Communication is vital between those interested in providing jobs or agencies contacting Cicons Constructions for their services, therefore, these were best provided not just on the contacts page, but also at first sight and thats the reason for the top bar including the email and telephone number.

The imagery and all other icon colours have kept to this colour scheme (blue/black/grey/white) and therefore the images had been adjusted in Photoshop via a raw filter, for as many adjustments as possible, because the photos that were taken, had been taken at different times of the day, the lighting and tonal quality differed from one picture to the other.

Mr Ciobanica appeared certain and unchangeable about his views on the business and the functionality of the website as the beginning of the company’s publicity, however without the best of intent to evolve the company, but to keep everything constantly functioning within the small-medium business bands, therefore the website was informative, communicative, imaginative and yet colourful via imagery, for a revived and modern concept to the easily judging society of today.

These were the questions presented to Constantin Ciobanica:

1a. What does the website need to have and do?
1b. Why does the company need the website?
2. How will the website be produced? Any particular themes, domain, hosting?
3. Your budget and attributes, any photography, video, sounds materials needed?
4. Who can see the website and who is the intended audience?

1a. Information on jobs done (find photography archives) as examples of outcomes, exclude any possible recognisable faces or anything that would need extra care and permissions.
1b. Information for direct and fast contact, no reference to companies, former or present workers, as they are of their own accord and act as self employed individuals.
2.That was to up to me, therefore was a choice and budget was roughly <£70 for the things i needed.

3. I dealt with all bits of photographic requirements and that allowed for a choice between them all and we collaborated to the completion of this, as the activities included practice such as welding and cutting in order to obtain the raw effects.

4.The intended audience is everybody and mainly those agencies or constructor companies in need of Electricians/Supervisor Electricians and in general, otherwise this who need a construction trader’s services to repairs.

Solution at the end of the discussion: Use a diverse theme; recreate and apply logo; little fidget or animations apart from one or two major ones; no mention of companies or collaborations; use CV as information for the website and consider the experience and the jobs undertaken in the past, as the services offered by the company.

Consecutive to this short meeting, these were the questions I asked myself:
What attracts? My research into the trends of 2016 provided me with the answer: modular layouts, moving images and gifs (the repetitive process) transiting objects or text across the layout, rows of imagery, static bar, specific at the top or side as main menu (accessible at all times) and most of all flat design and simplicity, accessibility on a multitude of devices of all shapes and sizes, therefore it was a must for it to be a responsive website.