This is the final animation edited and finalised with audio to fit the heart beating pace. The mood concentrated on is one of seriousness, real-life based and conscious of surroundings (almost the atmosphere of a hospital or a waiting room; a get together).

To evaluate the outcome, I would take into concern a few things such as, the audio, both the music and the vocals are clear and not disturbing of the video and the message that is being communicated with at most clarity.

The time limit was 5 hours or more of one Friday, in which time the group gathered and prepared the equipment, the combination and rendering of the animation, the discussions, the setting of the backdrop and the finalising of the scene, nonetheless including the filming and photography sessions.

The well planned project, the group discussions in which we appointed certain tasks to be completed by each of us four group members and these were done in good time as we had arranged when we met. The perseverance was evident in the few days we had apart, creating the animations in After Effects and Photoshop, creating the physical finger prints in red inks and the gathering of useful research information to make us aware to therefore be convincingly accurate in our video.

Absolutely astonishing outcome and a perfectly willing and devoted group of girls to be working with again, many thanks to Branka, Jelena and Kimiya.

If we were to gather again (as we thought we should, if the video is a success online by viewings) then we would most definitely accomplish more episodes to this awareness, perhaps involving more models, more real scenarios and more projections using bigger imagery and a bigger audience. I would mostly adore to do this type of projection exercise as an action in a live public area such as a busy street or a wall in old street or warren street. It would feel almost like graffiti, only legal and digitalised for the modern and busy society that we live in and it would make them stop or at least attempt to, just like the below projection, turned heads this Christmas near Oxford Street.

Development work:

The Making Begins:

The Experimentation: