Everything is so still that it is almost thrilling and threatening (just as intended) because honestly, we have become a society where we only trust our instincts and what suits us and our needs and expectations, and this is not coming as a shock I believe, because human kind have always misjudged what they have not seen themselves and even then, it takes courage to accept reality. With this in the back of the mind, I have portrayed the current situation which is unlikable, but common, where recycling exists, but rubbish still spreads and that simple example shows that if one person out of a group, is against or ignorant of what the others agree to, then that disobedience leads to rebels and to slow dispersion of the group (in time). This same idea applies to the principle of climate change having a massive impact on us, but since this danger has not yet touched us all on the shoulder, the credibility automatically becomes faint. This sense of continuity is evident in the continuous road, the continuous garbage and unwanted ‘faulty’ or ‘repairable’ technologies or other means, are purely a mere display of our care for the environment as well as our fellow soil sharers. If we have become so wasteful (of food, clothing, money, advise, common sense) then what will become of the future? Is the grass going to be greener then or will the air be any cleaner, a question with expectations  of negativity or silence.



RSA Brief:
Simulation tags helped to create real life dynamics to be able to create friction/gravity etc.

Please note that the car models, furniture and all the other 3dimensional models and some of the textures that belonged to them may have been edited but are from the two books referenced here (500 3D Objects, Volume2, by J. Wiedemann (ED.) published by Taschen and also by the same author and publisher is the 500 3D-Objects, both with two cds of downloadable models) and Audi car from online website source for models called TurboSquid.com.

I did have ambition at first to use drawn elements of my own, even textures and a unique style, however the time for rendering and that of all this process would have exceeded that of my own, therefore I allocated another option which was to use online and models from two books I had bought. I am entirely happy with the outcome only because I have used white and shades of grey as my full range of colour with strong emphasis on certain objects such as the peaks of the animation, avoiding the complex realistic look of the original models.


Making and rigging of cars used within my RSA motion graphics: