Going out of the way from exploring of ideas into the path of obtaining inspiration was not always my way of approaching a brief, however it is the season of celebration therefore I was sure to find some coincidental ideas around the town shops and here are some of my findings as well as some of them being back dated to times when I visited exhibitions.

The two ideas that would be developed further would be to make and hang upside down foldable fans of sparkling (glitter and metallic papers) stencilled tulips, birds and butterfly vectors as they are the common attractions to ladies and the most practical would be to emboss and engrave letter into names of those who come to the store (for the opening day) and as they enter they would give their name on a list and would collect it on their exit (made aware of the possible duration of the job). This would be profitable as it would encourage customers to spend more time in the store of course shopping whilst they admire the Paperchase store products. Having this activity be handmade, however with a smooth edged plastic template of all the letters into blocks (similar to block printing or stamping). The embossed bits of letters could be lovely as inked, but preferred is plain white paper instead. The templates also possible (to the finishing of the card) can be to have up to 3 alternative choices of background décor such as birds, leaves or cars for the taste of males and females.